Strengthening Collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) on Peatland Conservation and Utilization

Visit of FAO to TPRC

In this fruitful 4th day of July 2018 morning, Forest Research and Development Center’s Colleague, FAO Team of Peatland Restoration (Maria Nuutinen, Adam Gerrand, and Bambang Arifatmi) visited the Tropical Peatland Research Center (TPRC). Some issues were discussed in the meeting chaired by Dr Kirsfianti L Ginoga, Director of Forest R&D Center, attended by scientists and staff management. She expressed a grateful of FAO visit and intention to collaboration. She highlighted, FRDC has a close cooperation with FAO, particularly on “Promoting Forest Landscape Restoration-FLR”, and a following up program on Forest Landscape Restoration and Livestock, submitted to Global Environment Facilities replenishment 7. She explained further the Indonesia National Carbon Accounting System-INCAS which has been established to contribute for peatland monitoring, reporting and verification. She delivered her expectation to FAO to contribute for establishing TPRC, develop broaden networks, and sharing knowledge. She informed to FAO team, FRDC has been established a lot of researches to enhance  role of sciences for peatland conservation facing complexity of challenges to the land.

Adam explained a project on monitoring peatland system and the instrument needed. He informed that, he has just establishing a system to monitor peatland restoration, in which a researcher in FRDC, Wahyu Catur Adinugroho has already participated in monitoring training past years. He expected to further discuss to the matter. He also presented the monitoring instrument through satellite monitoring such as Geographic Information System-GIS. Prof Chairil Anwar Siregar reiterated, as a monitoring model, it might be a simplification in a complexity of landscape base. He expected the system would be accurate if it is confirmed by ground truthing.

Maria also described her experiences about paludiculture, and expected to have informations and data that has been developed by FRDC. She also highlighted that different between paludiculture and agroforestry. She mentioned, paludiculture refered to native species on peatland, while agroforestry is closely to agriculture, market, and economic benefits.

The Meeting discussed among other are: MRV of Peatland, Paludikultur and Global Peatland Initiative

Most of the discussion, focussed on monitoring peatlands, water table, soil moisture, real-time monitoring systems, economic benefits of peatland products, technic for cannal blocking, cost efectivenes, paludiculture species and technics, indigenous knowledge, international initiatives on peatland conservation such as Global Peatland Initiative.  It was also mentioned 24th Committee on Forestry (COFO) Meeting 16-20 July 2018, and Oslo Tropical Forest Forum meeting on 28 June 2018. The meeting noted FAO and FRDC will communicate actively to share knowledge, information, and update international discourse, and negotiation on peatland. Adam gave his expectation to be involved in the TPRC. In closing, Dr Kirsfianti invited all participants to pay attention for developing networks and outreach. (Reported by Yayuk Siswiyanti).



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